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MS Word

Microsoft Word is one of the most powerful word processors and a very effective tool for creating various kinds of digital documents like CVs, Resumes, Magazines, Newsletters and much more. It comes pre-packaged with many sophisticted but easy-to-use tools for spelling and grammar checking, rudimentary graphic design, statistical analysis and much more which makes it stand out amongst a large family word processors.

All the features of this powerful word processing application will be disussed in detail during the training. Topics ranging from basic typing and editting of a document to complex statistical analysis and template design will be comprehensively illustrated during the course of the training.


Another productive tool from Microsoft, PowerPoint is powerful application that enables the presentation of ideas and information in a logical and coherent manner. It has been used by several individuals and Corporations to present relevant facts to their audience and stakeholders respectively in a way that is appealing, brief and easy to understanding.

This training is packed with all the necessary information and hands-on practical examples to make an expert user of this very effective tool. The techniques of breaking down complex ideas into simple understandable slide shows will be expanciated in this training.


Microsoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheet program which is used for performing automated formular-based calculations on tabled data, data organization, data graphing and many other complex mathematical functions. It has been adopted by many organizations and is now even a requirement for employment.

Proficiency in Excel is necessary for any profession or organization in order to stay organized and productive in keeping track of relevant data or information. This training will focus on the critical skills necessary to be a proficient user of Excel.


MineCraft is a video game which provides a creative playground where people can come together and build a lesson around almost everything. It contains a lot a features to boost spatial awareness, creativity and more while making learning fun and engaging.

This training will cover relevant aspects of MineCraft that'll keep kids engaged while exploring deeper and useful concepts that'll enhance their creativity.


Scratch is a free programming language and online community where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations.

Quanteq is now offering kids/beginners the opportunity to build fascinating applications with Scratch. The contents of this training includes overview of programming fundamentals, building games with scratch, hands on practical excercises and a final project.


Adobe Photoshop is an exceptionally prevalent software among website specialists and picture editors. It is an easy to use software and offers loads of extraordinary tools that help you expand your imagination. Regardless of being paid programming, Adobe Photoshop is utilized by a huge number of growing and expert website specialists everywhere.

This training offers all that is needed to move from a novice with little knowledge of photoshop or design in general to a creative expert designer.

Join us and learn.


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As organizations scramble to accommodate the latest advances in cloud, mobility/BYOD, Big Data and virtualization, their existing network infrastructure is getting overwhelmed by the security challenges in the evolving threat landscape. These challenges can be drawn from the follwoing facts:

  • Business operations increasingly require open, interconnected networks with those of partners, service providers and other third parties, hence increasing security risks.
  • IT Departments, challenged with reducing expenses and increasing productivity, struggle to keep up with daily security challenges.
  • Financially targeted malware attacks are becoming more advanced and successful at defeating existing security.
  • Businesses are under pressure to improve data security in response to the growing number of internal and external attacks that target sensitive data.

Join us and discover how Quanteq Technology Services Ltd in partnership with Sophos, will address these challenges with the Next Generation Security Solutions across the globe.

Further details coming soon . . .